My purpose is to create a more peaceful planet by serving one person at a time through the practice of healing arts. I offer solutions of pain relief, injury release, emotional healing and energy rebalancing fostering a journey toward optimal health.

Following ten years of study in complimentary health, nutrition and holistic recovery methods, I was ready to enter the healing profession. My Massage Therapy Certification (2008) was earned through Health Choices in New Jersey, an accredited program taught by experts in their respective fields. Devoted to the practice of Craniosacral therapy due to the powerful healing benefits it offers clients, I have continued my studies through Upledger since 2009. Craniosacral therapy is a light touch therapy that relieves your pain and discomfort at its source so you can feel well for life. Creating a safe space for healing, I assist clients with rejuvenation through the integrative techniques in my toolkit.