The benefits that I experienced from just one visit with you in my breathing and health issues from my car accident years ago - “incredible”, I cannot use any other words to describe the work that you do. Meeting people like you – is why I don’t give up. Connie, Michigan

The best massage I have ever had, better described as a healing experience. Jennifer, Maryland

Life changing. I was scheduled for surgery for fluid retention on my cranium. One craniosacral session alleviated my severe headaches and restored my system to balance so the CSR fluid was flowing normally. No surgery required. Nadira, Pennsylvania

I was experiencing daily, severe nosebleeds lasting over an hour, resulting from two concussions suffered weeks apart. After two sessions of craniosacral work with you, the nosebleeds stopped and the pressure in my head, my ears, lifted. Markayla, Michigan

How did you do that? I have been to my chiropractor, had deep tissue massage on my neck – nothing was healing the strain my neck. After one session with you my restriction is completely gone, and I have full range of motion in my neck again. My chiropractor wants to know what technique you used. Dolores, Michigan

I suffered an injury in my work as an arborist 7 years ago. I have tried many therapies, chiropractic, deep tissue massage etc. My range of motion in my left side was severely restricted, and I had learned to live with pain. A friend suggested I seek out myofascial or craniosacral work. After one 90-minute session with you, experiencing craniosacral light touch release, I was out of pain for the first time in 7 years. I had 70% increase in my range of motion on my left side. After my second session I experienced greater release. Wow. Mike, Charlottesville, VA

I suffer from MS and Fibromyalgia. Due to my condition I cannot tolerate moderate touch. I was in so much pain with headaches and backaches I decided to give massage a try. After one 30-minute session with you conducting your SMRT light touch release, my headache was alleviated and my back felt so much better. My hips that made me wince when touched are completely pain free. Thank you, Thank you. Linda, Michigan